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Inglorious Bastnerds Spoiler Podcast: ‘Captain America – The Winter Soldier’


It’s time once again for another spoiler special for myself and the Bastnerd boys. Chris, Ian and I (@Celluloidical) are joined by regular guests, film journos – Amon Warmann and Mr Christopher Ejizu as we dive deep into the latest Marvel Studios outing – Captain America – The Winter Soldier. Which opens in the US on April 4th. (Sorry guys. We got there first – again!).

Aside from the obvious spoiler warning. I say this. Unlike Total Film, we actually have varying opinions. As opposed to just bitching and moaning. So, yeah.
Anyway, follow the guys and rate, subscribe to the podcast/sites and leave a review. Thanks and enjoy.

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Schedule For Week – Commencing August 22nd 2011







23/08/11 ~ X-Men: First Class (Film Reviews)

24/08/11 ~ Top 10 Villains (Film Rant Corner)

25/08/11 ~ ‘Wasted Time’ (Film Rant Corner)

28/08/11 ~ ‘An Idiot Abroad’ (Television Reviews)

The Films That Shaped Me (Part 1)

Since my time this week is going to be mostly directed at writing reviews. I thought I would give a little insight into the films that had the most effect on me growing up, and helped make the person I am today. Enjoy…

1. The Empire Strikes Back


Fuck yeah. Star Wars! Who doesn’t like Star Wars? It’s probably the most famous franchise in entertainment, and this puppy, in my view and many others – is the best of the 6 films.
What has Empire done for me? Well, it opened my eyes to sci-fi as a genre, it made me more aware of the effort put into filmmaking, and its story is one that I will be more than happy to play again or tell my kids about. I LOVE this film.

2. Labyrinth


A film that has elements of drama, horror, suspense, fun and… Puppets dancing with David Bowie. Labyrinth was and always will be that one kids film that I will never outgrow.

3. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


Eternal Sunshine is a real diamond – an amazingly simple but effective concept of a couple in love. It’s told in an unorthodox narrative, but man is it good. Jim Carrey is a revelation – proving that he IS a real actor, and was possibly the greatest part of the movie. His chemistry with on-screen love interest, Kate Winslet was, to my surprise, something that looked and felt very natural. Eternal Sunshine was the film that made me feel more positive to have loved and lost, than never have it at all.

4. Requiem For A Dream


Hard hitting drama from Darren Aronofsky. And possibly one of the most harrowing and depressing movies I’ve ever seen. Man, I even felt sorry for Marlon Wayans in this fucking movie! Cut a long story short – after witnessing through the film’s duration what substance abuse can do – It was enough for me to never even consider the thought. It actually scared me to that point. That’s a fucking achievement.

Good Times Ahead

I have news to any of my readers, followers etc.

Appreciate any and all of those that happen upon this blog. I’ll admit I’ve not been active much these last few weeks due to personal constraints. However I will be posting more reviews and moany bollocks on a frequent basis from next week onwards.

Now onto the good stuff.

I’ve recently met some fellow film fans on Twitter and we have joined together to start a weekly film discussion blog under the banner of ‘Six Angry Men’

Our first discussion/reviews will be on ‘Born On The 4th Of July’ – in accordance with Independence Day in the States. This will take place Sunday 3rd July. Five more pre-scheduled film discussions will appear every Sunday from that date onward.

Plus! Follow all of our crew on Twitter, Thanks

Slick Nick


#8 ‘The Big Lebowski’ (1998)

The Definitive 3 Musketeers of The 90s



*Jeff Bridges

*John Goodman

*Steve Buscemi

*Julianne Moore

*David Huddlestone

Directors:- Joel Coen. Ethan Coen (Uncredited)

In everyone’s life. There’s always something that defines them. Something that they resonate with, something they abide by, follow. It’s one of those unbreakable bonds. Everyone has that ‘favourite’ movie – Be it a childhood hero saving the day, the classic comedy, an artsy masterpiece or an all-out gunfight closer… Like a fine wine, it simply gets better with age, and becomes more and more appreciated as it matures. We keep those movies close to our hearts, and often challenge anything and anybody that opposes them in a negative light.

Centre stage – The Big Lebowski. Well-known box-office flop and cult favourite among many young adults and teens growing up in the late 1990’s. The star, everyone’s favourite bearded Award winner, Jeff Bridges – portrays down and out bum, Jeff Lebowski – Better known by his friends and acquaintances as ‘The Dude’. Or Duder, or His Dudeness or El Duderino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing….)

The Dude, as described by narrator Sam Elliot, is a man for our times. An everyman. Dude likes to take things easy, and he likes only two things – Bowling and Thai stick.

 As a film lover, I’d encourage every single person I met to see this film and judge for themselves. Why?… It’s a film that everyone can relate to. The setting, the amazing soundtrack, the ominous dream sequences, pop-culture references, the beautifully injected black humour and stark realities that only the Coens can pull off – In addition to an abundance of great performances – Notably from Jeff himself, and of course co-star and frequent Coen collaborator, John Goodman.

I’ll give the back of the box premise. Dude is mistakenly identified as another Jeff Lebowski whom incidentally owes a sum of money to porn mogul Jackie Treehorn. After his house is ransacked by the petty thugs Woo and That Guy Who Plays Jacob In Lost, Dude is forced to visit his namesake to demand action against his ordeal. But the simple case of misidentification proves to be not all The Dude has to worry about…. And then there’s the League game.

It’s beyond question that this film has made an impact on my life. Whatever its genuine message (if there is one) was, I got at least one – if it’s a misinterpreted one, then so be it. But The Big Lebowski told me one thing – don’t let life drag you down. You can be content, comfortable and just blissfully unaware by doing those little things you enjoy. The things you get a kick out of. And if that’s bowling, White Russians or even some Creedence – you’re sure as hell allowed to dabble. What makes Dude a great character is that he’s no voice of a generation, a general leading men, or genius at his field. He’s just a guy, a bum yes, but he’s just a regular joe.

His opinions and retorts are often inspired by the views of others throughout the film – Which begs the question – do we really know the real Jeff Lebowski? His playfulness is also a charming characteristic, mostly in his scenes with Julianne Moore, and he’s an emotionally caring guy that just wants the best for his friends. Even if they are gun-toting maniacs that doesn’t roll on Shabbos.

Dude’s the rain on the fascist parade. Even taking numerous blows to the head for just ‘being there at the wrong time’. The execution of Dude’s desires and fantasies in the film’s dream sequences are most-likely to be perceived as ambiguity realised – But again, with all the things that are crashing down upon him – he’s only got bowling circling around that noggin.

I guess you could say The Big Lebowski is a character study, you could say it’s a comedy/caper flick. It’s a film that can’t really be put down – it’s perfect in what it sets to achieve and say. The film’s an essential pick for Coens fans, comedy alike and a real trend-setter for the last 25 years.   

So I guess I’d call this my favourite film…. Although I love this film for its execution, delivery and narrative. Visuals and plot didn’t really have a cake to take once the end credits roll.

Highly recommended. An undeniable classic


‘Disastrous to Prosperous’

Last year was undoubtedly one of the worst years in recent memory for films. The release of Avatar and the subsequent universal popularity it received, plus an ever-increasing development of films being shot/post-produced in 3D casted an enormous blue-hued shadow over the landscape of modern film-making. Turning our brains into mush and forever fecal-powerbombing the art form of motion picture.

So, where did it all go wrong in the past twelve months? Or should I say, what should happen in the next twelve months…


1. No more fucking SAW movies

If there’s one fucking thing that’s outstayed its welcome, it’s Saw.

Convoluted and ridiculously back and forth plots, stupid retarded scary puppet thing, unimaginable dumbness on all the actors to a degree, and boring, predictable drawn-out bullshit films as a whole.

Are people this stupid? Are you stupid? This franchise needs to die…. Just straight down the line, dead. No more fucking plot twists or dead characters getting resurrected for the fifteenth time.

Saw, suck my balls.


2. Give the fucking Coens a services to film award at the Oscars

Paul and Barry Chuckle. circa 1823

Yeah, do I really have to explain myself here..?… Oh

Blood Simple, True Grit, Big Lebowski, Fargo, No Country For Old Men….

Any questions?


3. Enforce retirement upon Johnny Depp

Last place in goatee contest

Look, this is going to get a few boos. But this guy is just fucking annoying me now. He does his job well I guess… Love him in Fear and Loathing. He’s just fucking everywhere though, he doesn’t take a day off! I mean does he have a wife? I wouldn’t marry him… What a bastard fella he would be!

“Yeah I’ll be off shooting tomorrow” ….

“What, again? Another 3 months?”…..

“Yeah sorry, well what can ya do? I’ve got millions in the bank, and I’m sexually frustrated”

Ever since the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean, I swear to god – Depp is just the most sought after actor in Hollywood. Now I’m not saying that isn’t a good thing… Because obviously he loves to work SOOOOO fucking much. But… You know, give someone else a shot?? Please?? Contrary to what people say, you, and Brad Pitt for that matter – are showing your age.

Let’s vote to see which one’s gonna be first to play the ‘bumbling old man’ role in a Farrelly brothers comedy.


4. Hire assassins to maim or possibly murder Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg


After a number of years riding on the coattails (why?) of the Wayans team. These two cunts have found it increasingly necessary, and for some reason logical – To direct and script possibly the shittiest, most degrading, suicide-thought inducing ‘comedy’ films in the history of man. Yeah I went there.

They are the cause of the dumbing down of our society, they are going to single-handedly destroy all that is still good and pure of film-making.

Stop these men.

Stop them….. Please.

5. Minimalise post-production 3D conversion


Yeah, this one’s a pretty major one for me. As I’ve noted before. It wouldn’t be fair to say boycott 3D altogether, because it CAN work and compliment a film if used correctly. However, due to budget constraints, studios have opted to convert their completed films into 3D, instead of using 3D cameras during photography – In turn, making those films extremely harsh on the eyes when watched with 3D glasses on.

It’s simply just a marketing commodity, and it’s beginning to stink like the webbing in between my toes. The vastness of ‘eye-rapes’ from the past year is astronomical and it just needs to be calmed down, soon. It’s not always about the visual, people. Use all other forms of media to tell your story, that’s what we’ve paid our money for. Not a migraine.


Take the power back everyone, and take heed.

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