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‘And Now For Something Completely Different…’

Music… In my teens it was a big deal but now I kinda don’t care for it… Save for a few bands I’ll religiously follow (Muse, Radiohead, Biffy). But film and television are predominantly ‘my bag’ these days, so I’m rarely found reading Q Magazine or checking out gig listings as much as I used to.

But, I am a multi-faceted, complex and weird human being. And sure, I do enjoy music now – however I don’t believe it’s a defining attribute to my life or personality.

Anyway, here’s a gateway into my musical preferences. My favourite 20 songs of all time… And yes, they’re in order…

20. N.W.A – ‘Fuck Tha Police’ (1988)

19. REM – ‘Shiny Happy People’ (1991)

18. Interpol – ‘Obstable 1’ (2002)

17. Peter Frampton – ‘Show Me The Way’ (1975)

16. Pantera – ‘Five Minutes Alone’ (1994)

15. Jeff Buckley – ‘Last Goodbye’ (1994) 

14. Grandmaster Melle Mel – ‘White Lines’ (1983) 

13. Bob Dylan – ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ (1964)

12. Radiohead – ‘Paranoid Android’ (1997) 

11. Kansas – ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ (1976) 

10. Snoop Doggy Dogg – ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name)’ (1993)

09. Muse – ‘Fillip’ (1999)

08. David Bowie – ‘Sound & Vision’ (1977)

07. Biffy Clyro – ‘Glitter & Trauma’ (2004) 

06. Damien Rice – ‘The Professor & La Fille Danse’ (2004)

05. Led Zeppelin – ‘Black Dog’ (1971)

04. Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bullet In The Head’ (1992)

03. Radiohead – ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’ (1997)

02. Muse – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ (2003)

01. Jeff Buckley – ‘Forget Her’ (1994) 

The Films That Shaped Me (Part 2)

5 Falling Down


This film – a surprising turn from Joel Schumacher – was based around a middle aged man who had the weight of the world on his shoulders and could take no more. Seeing this film at an impressionable age had a profound effect on my outlook of the our world, and the societies we live in.

“People suck, government agendas suck and everything’s going to shit etc
This was basically what I took from this film – a general feeling of misanthropy and disdain directed at anything that attempts to challenge me as a person and my desires. It may seem a little extreme, but I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

6 Taxi Driver


Taxi Driver is certainly the film that I would advise anyone to watch. It’s an amazing study of isolation, dissociation and degeneration through the character of Travis Bickle. Played by my favourite screen actor – Robert De Niro.

I’ve said much before about my passion for this film. So in short I will say this. And hopefully this will give a general idea of what it has done for me.

Taxi Driver turned me from a film watcher, into a film fan.

7 The Big Lebowski


I quote this film everyday since the day I first watched it back in 99. That’s the only reasoning required.

8 The Godfather


What can I say? It’s the complete movie. Script, cast, score, cinematography, editing, directing. Every single detail is finely tuned to perfection with The Godfather.

This film was more like an epiphany for me – showing me that film is an art form and should be rewarded accordingly. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the whole film. Captivating from start to finish, I cannot find any words to negatively attached to it – if there was
then it would be – it should be longer!

The Films That Shaped Me (Part 1)

Since my time this week is going to be mostly directed at writing reviews. I thought I would give a little insight into the films that had the most effect on me growing up, and helped make the person I am today. Enjoy…

1. The Empire Strikes Back


Fuck yeah. Star Wars! Who doesn’t like Star Wars? It’s probably the most famous franchise in entertainment, and this puppy, in my view and many others – is the best of the 6 films.
What has Empire done for me? Well, it opened my eyes to sci-fi as a genre, it made me more aware of the effort put into filmmaking, and its story is one that I will be more than happy to play again or tell my kids about. I LOVE this film.

2. Labyrinth


A film that has elements of drama, horror, suspense, fun and… Puppets dancing with David Bowie. Labyrinth was and always will be that one kids film that I will never outgrow.

3. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


Eternal Sunshine is a real diamond – an amazingly simple but effective concept of a couple in love. It’s told in an unorthodox narrative, but man is it good. Jim Carrey is a revelation – proving that he IS a real actor, and was possibly the greatest part of the movie. His chemistry with on-screen love interest, Kate Winslet was, to my surprise, something that looked and felt very natural. Eternal Sunshine was the film that made me feel more positive to have loved and lost, than never have it at all.

4. Requiem For A Dream


Hard hitting drama from Darren Aronofsky. And possibly one of the most harrowing and depressing movies I’ve ever seen. Man, I even felt sorry for Marlon Wayans in this fucking movie! Cut a long story short – after witnessing through the film’s duration what substance abuse can do – It was enough for me to never even consider the thought. It actually scared me to that point. That’s a fucking achievement.


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