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Trailer Talk – March 2015: ‘Before I Wake’, ‘Tomorrowland’, ‘Self/less’ & ‘Pixels’

Some thoughts on a few new trailers. Unfortunately I’m unable to embed the videos as iOS sucks. 

Anyway, live long and phosphorous…

‘Before I Wake’ 

(US Release date – May 8th 2015)


Horror director Mike Flanagan’s latest  effort – Starring Kate Bosworth and (a rather hairy) Thomas Jane, looks to be your standard run of the mill Hollywood horror on first impression. Although with the premise of a young boy’s dreams and nightmares physically manifesting – it could indeed match up to the dread-laden levels of ‘Oculus’ that was a surprisingly decent release last year. 

The trailer itself really doesn’t reinforce this, however. Flat jump scares, the token creepy child(ren) and that certain ‘tragic’ element that completely flips a horror movie. 


(US release date – May 22nd 2015)


Though it’s always cool to see Disney produce the live action movies along with the animations, they’ve not exactly been on the mark recently. 

‘Tomorrowland’, headed by George Clooney as the most un-inventorish looking inventor ever, could possibly turn it around in 2015. On a more optimistic note it looks pretty damn good and a lot of fun. The combination of cute girl Robertson and dashing, rugged Clooney could well be one of the year’s most entertaining and endearing. no less. 

And with Brad Bird at the helm – it’s not like Disney are taking a punt with this one. 


(US Release date – July 31st 2015)


Tarsem Singh, renowned for a his visually distinctive style, is back in a more traditional sense with this thriller topped with a few shots of Face/Off & Avatar. Plot outline – Matthew Goode the science guy transfers cancer-ridden businessman Ben Kingsley’s consciousness into the hot, younger body of Ryan Reynold’s. Cue ‘nothing is at seems’ twist.

 The trailer effectively reveals most of the presumed plot and I’m bored already. Haven’t we seen this all before? Judge for yourself.


(US release date – July 24th 2015)


Based on an awesome 2010 short film of the same name. The first trailer has landed for ‘Pixels’, where a time capsuled collection of the world’s culture & life is misinterpreted by aliens and retaliated with war – BY VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS! We get a good look at the scale here. A giant Pac Man eating everything in sight, Donkey Kong launching barrels at Kevin James (the best part), and the forming of the resistance team of ex ‘Arcaders’, including James, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad and headliner Adam Sandler. 

By all counts, any Happy Madison production is generally met with unfavourable opinions. Regularly citing poor, gross out comedy that belongs in a time where fart jokes were innovative. Though I’m going to keep optimistic about this one. If there’s less emphasis on Sandler and James in particular, we could be in for a good show. Game on.

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