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Trailer Tidbits #1 (July 2012)

A quick look on my 3 favourite movie trailers that have surfaced this month… Ang Lee’s ‘Life Of Pi’, the ‘already looking epic’ ‘Cloud Atlas’, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology poke – ‘The Master’

‘Life Of Pi’

Yann Martel’s story of survival and discovery has fallen into the very capable hands of acclaimed director, Ang Lee. While his thriller ‘Lust, Caution’ was surrounded by controversy – this one looks to make the press for far more positive reasons. With a pulsating opening disaster sequence, and some vibrant, beautifully captured external shots. ‘Life Of Pi’ may just be in-line for an Academy nod.

‘Cloud Atlas’

From another best-selling novel – The Wachowski Brothers co-direct (with Tom Tyker) the multiple storied yarn of humankind and the soul. And boasts some acting heavyweights in this 5 minute trailer. We can easily forget ‘Speed Racer’.

An extremely inventive story from English novelist, David Mitchell – pick it up before release.

‘The Master’

By now, every single human should know of P.T Anderson’s near-faultless ‘There Will Be Blood’… With that said, welcome to the next step in Mr Anderson’s plot for world domination… HE’S GOT THE PHOENIX!

So there’s my top 3 trailers for this month. What’s looking good for you? Hit me up on the comment section.



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