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After linking up with the Inglorious Bastnerds crew on the odd occasion, we’ve had some side-splittingly amusing convos regarding movies.
One prominent subject that has been raised multiple times is the fact that Chris Byrne (@CinemaTronix), our illustrious host – has never seen Francis Ford Coppola’s cinematic masterpiece‘Apocalypse Now’. As a group, we were at a state of shock and bewilderment as to why a confessed cinephile and movie lover has not watched one of the most acclaimed, and popular films of all time. More so because he actually owns a special edition DVD that includes both the theatrical and Redux versions of the film. This prompted me to put together some memes both ribbing and referencing the travesty while we wait with bated breath for the day he announces that he has watched ‘Apocalypse Now’, in whatever form, in its entirety.

So as we wait – and according to Chris himself, he’s in no rush…. Here are a few pieces that I mocked up for your viewing pleasure. There are additional ones that are inspired/designed by the other Bastnerds (@i_nesbot, @raghavmodi, @pandadeer, @mysocalledbrain). Let’s pray more joyous and varied material will find their way into our lives.

And of course… Please – download/listen/rate/subscribe to the podcast (BIG BOX LINK ON THE RIGHT) – and get with the program.


*21st April

*27th April

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